Any motorcycle experts knows that original parts are the best parts when replacing motorcycle parts in a motorcycle. At Double R Parts, we have more than thirty years of experience in the motorcycle industry. We know that original parts are the best. Therefore, we only offer OEM motorcycle parts to our clients. We work together with experts on maintenance and manufacturing of all kinds of motorcycles, who want to get the best OEM motorcycle parts possible. We search for the best parts and offer these for the best possible prices. Do you also want to work with original or OEM motorcycle parts? Then start your collaboration with Double R Parts today and take advantage of our large network and experience in the motorcycle industry. Our OEM motorcycle parts will not let you or your customers down. In our experience, original motorcycle parts are the best solution when you need a replacement.

OEM motorcycle parts: our brands

We offer service for nearly all known motorcycle brands and sell parts for:

  • BMW motorcycles
  • Kawasaki motorcycles
  • Ducati motorcycles
  • Honda motorcycles
  • Piaggio motor cycles
  • and many more

With our experience, we are able to find the right parts quickly and ship them to you. We also offer advice and we are your partner when you want to get into importing or exporting motorcycle vehicles. This is the reason we often work together for years with our clients. We establish a long term relationship with most of our customers. They appreciate our expertise and methods. We also like to point out that buying our OEM motorcycle parts is very easy. We ask our clients to sign up as a B2B company at our webshop. After this, as our new client, you will get access to our webshop. Here, you will find a large product range of OEM motorcycle parts. Does our webshop not show what you need? Our employees are more than happy to help you get the right parts fast. Getting the right (vintage) parts you need is all about knowing the right partners. After thirty yeras in the business, we know where to get rare parts for our clients fast. This makes us an excellent partner for OEM motorcycle part, regardless of the brand you are working with. 

Advantages of original parts

Of course, it is also possible to use non-original parts in motorcycle maintenance. However, this often leads to dissapointing results. Original parts last longer and keep the motorcycle generally in good condition. Furthermore, especially with vintage designs, original parts are necessary to keep the original value of the vehicle. Replacing old original parts with spare non-original ones devalues the vehicle fast. Therefore, we only sell OEM motorcycle parts. This makes it possible to maintain any vehicle and sell it for an optimal price. Do you want to know more about the advantages of OEM motorcycle parts? Or are you interested in a specific motorcycle part we offer? Apply for access to our webshop today through our website or contact our office. Please note that we only work with other companies and do not sell to individuals and/or consumers.