I am unashamedly writing this to promote Realista. If you have any interest in entering into the Marbella property market, I would highly recommend that you visit realista.com as your first and quite possibly only stop. I decided a little more than 6 months ago that it was time that my wife and I finally did what we said we wanted to do for many years and bought a Marbella property. We would have been happy almost anywhere along the Costa del Sol, and we also looked at:

  • Estepona;
  • Benahavis;
  • Malaga;
  • Fuengirola.

All of these places have their charms and I am sure that we could happily have settled down in any of them. In fact, on the Realista website we saw plenty of possibilities in each of these places, as they are experts in the entire Costa del Sol. As expected, though, it was a Marbella property which eventually caught our eye. To be honest, there were a lot of possibilities for us in the Marbella property market. We had a reasonable budget available to us and Realista have a lot of listings, all of the highest quality. Having to make a choice could be daunting, but their website is very clear, with plenty of photos and full description in English. Once we had selected a few possibilities we sent them an email and they got back to us quickly. We were able to arrange viewings during a one-week visit to the town in the spring.

The Marbella property that we bought

We saw several beautiful apartments and a chalet in the town. The Marbella property that we settled on after some days of consideration was comfortably within our budget. We ended up choosing an apartment without a sea view, but at only a minute’s walk from the beach. Every Marbella property we looked at had a swimming pool, but the pool at the place we chose is spectacular, with grass around it and sun for most of the day in the summer. The entire apartment is modern, clean and virtually brand new and it gets plenty of light. We were planning to buy our own furniture but there was such high quality furniture offered as part of the sale that we did not even need to do that. Our location is idea, being surprisingly quiet for so close to the town centre, and our neighbours are all similar to us. They are also settling down for a quiet retirement so a social life has not been difficult to find. We could not be happier with our choice.

Getting the purchase completed

Of course, entering the Marbella property market from abroad is not the easiest thing to do on your own. There is plenty of paperwork which must be completed and much of it is, of course, in Spanish. You must also be registered in Spain and there are various taxes and fees that must be paid on time to avoid a fine. Neither my wife nor I speak Spanish and we are no experts in buying property, even in the UK. Fortunately Realista are very much experts in the Spanish system and particularly in the Marbella property market. They assisted us every step of the way, making sure we knew which form we had to fill in when, who we had to pay, when we had to pay them and directing us to any and all services that we needed to complete the purchase and be ready to move in.